The Purple Lotus


“What we think, we become” – Buddha

Wellness is the embodiment of the harmony between the mind, the body and the soul. Modern day life is seemingly more comfortable than before but not necessarily stress-free or more fulfilling. While being physically fit is important, it also imperative to get in touch with our inner- selves and to condition the mind and the soul. When the body, the mind and the soul align, harmony and energy emanate from that combination enabling us to reach our potential and to lead more fulfilling lives.

We, at Purple Lotus, believe in the power of knowing ones inner-self. Is it possible to fully know the world before we know our selves? The knowledge of self often leads to spiritual awakening and a spiritually awakened soul can uplift its own life and of those around it. A spiritually awakened soul is limitless and creates its own reality.
We, at Purple Lotus, wish to be a part of your quest and journey of self-knowledge. We wish to be able to help and guide you towards reaching your potential in your career, your relationships, and life goals. We wish for happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing for you.

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